CVDP Porject Graphic Design

CVDP Porject Graphic Design

Main Features One village one cooperative : Formation of one comprehensive village development cooperative society in a village and spontaneous participation of all persons irrespective of profession and class of the village. Self-effort and self-help : The project does not itself provide fund to disburse as credit to the members of the society. Societies generate their fund from their own contribution and invest jointly their collected fund in various profitable sectors like, operation of deep and shallow tube-well, tractor, power-tiller, grinding mills for wheat and rice, decoration materials, hiring of milk, leasing of shop, pisciculture, plantation of trees on the road-side, business of stocked materials, wholesale marketing of vegetables/crops produced by the members and micro-credit operation etc and invest in business. Comparatively poor members of the society borrow from the collected fund of the society individually and avail the opportunity to increase their income .

The members of the society get various facilities at a cheaper price including personal dividend on proportionate basis from the earned profit at the end of the year through investment and business.

Institutional mechanism Each society of a village has various functional groups such as a) Landless and small farmers

b) women

c) Youths

d) Farmers and

e) Other occupational groups.

Different socio-economic activities are identified and each of the groups are suitably involved in these economic activities. The management of the cooperative society is done by the elected managing committee. The office of the village cooperative for its day-to-day operations is managed by a number of employee members who are paid out of the profits derived by the society

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